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Clara Kent posted a blog on Jun 6, 2012

Metropolitan Attachment Programme Brunch Welcomes Poon Yat Long Timothy to the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee


The Metropolitan Attachment Programme of Hong Kong Baptist University honored 29 students on the June 6 at a tea reception, welcoming them to Chicago to participate in a summer internship program. The Metropolitan Attachment Programme provides students with both global exposure and experience in a variety of work fields.
In 2012, the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee is hosting Poon Yat Long Timothy as a Civil Rights Intern. Timothy will be working in the Executive Office for Special Projects. Timothy’s main task during his internship will be to research and write on assigned topics that would supplement the legal database of the committee. He will also follow some staff members around the city to attend their day-to-day work.
Timothy is interested in the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee because he hopes to apply for law school upon graduation. The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee offers him a unique opportunity to immerse himself in the legal field by being involved in a large variety of projects. Timothy has already observed a federal court proceeding for The Education Equity Project, attended an outreach summit for The Law Project, and audited an open meeting that discussed the human rights movement to end mass incarceration in the United States. Meanwhile, he has also worked on many research projects, guided by senior staff at the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee but ultimately driven with entrepreneurship. This gave him the opportunity to read through many legal materials, and to learn more about the discourse and mind frame of a lawyer.
The opportunity is also useful because it is deliberately structured on tiers of legal education, introducing undergraduates to law school students, law school students to recent JDs, recent JDs to established attorneys and established attorneys to project directors. Timothy has the opportunity to talk to lawyers at every step of their careers, and learn both the process of becoming a lawyer and the reasons why different people choose to become lawyers.
Exposure to the legal field is important to Timothy. “A legal profession is one of the few where a single person may get a chance to do something that impacts every person,” he said. “A lawyer is able to make a person feel intrinsically safe, knowing that he or she is not being violated in any way, and can be fully-committed to other aspects of life. I agree with this statement more so after working in CLC for a while: the staff here are very committed to serving the public, which made me reflect on my own motivation to become a lawyer. Apart from the spiritual fulfillment gained by exploring the lively Chicago in the weekends, including city touring in spots such as The Chicago Board of Trade Building and The City Hall, I also hope to learn more about how I can make a difference in my home country with the skills, knowledge and ethics CLC instilled into me.”