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Chris Furuya posted a blog on May 23, 2011

CLC Welcomes Sun Hee Choi, Alfred C. Tisdahl Pili Intern

Sun Hee Choi of the Illinois University College of Law has been named as the Alfred C. Tisdahl Memorial PILI Intern. Choi, who will be at the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee from late May through early August, will be volunteering with the Fair Housing Project and the Employment Opportunity Project.


Choi has previously served in the Edward Coles Fellowship at the Human Rights Commission, and as Project Manager of the Latino Empowerment and Advocacy Project (LEAP) at the National Council of La Raza.


Choi is one of nine Named or Honorary Interns. For more information, visit the PILI website,

Chris Furuya posted a blog on May 20, 2011

US Court of Appeals Supports CLC in Firefighters Case

African-American plaintiffs represented by the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee won another court victory in the Lewis v. City of Chicago race discrimination class action, challenging the City of Chicago’s use of a discriminatory test and cut-off score in hiring the City’s firefighters. After a victory in the Supreme Court in May 2010, the case was sent to the Court of Appeals, where the City argued that plaintiffs failed to prove race discrimination when each hiring class is reviewed separately. In a decision on May 13, 2011, the Court of Appeals ruled for the plaintiffs and rejected the City’s argument. To read the Court of Appeals’ decision, click here case now goes to the trial court for entry of an order to hire African-American applicants and distribute damages among class members. To read more about the Lewis case, including the new decision, follow the links on this website to projects > employment opportunity project > Lewis Firefighter case. Or call 1-888-805-6880 to ask for more information.

Chris Furuya posted a blog on May 13, 2011

US Court of Appeals Supports Lewis in Lewis v. Firefighters

US Court of Appeals issued a ruling supporting the previous Supreme Court decision concerning Lewis vs. City of Chicago, which alleged discriminatory practices in hiring firefighters. The case now goes back to the trial judge, who, after additional proceedings, will enter an order to hire African-Americans from the class and to calculate and distribute damages to be shared among class members.